From archive with love. Three years of Akina hits and misses in pictures

Bookbinding, Factory|

Unreleased titles: Sonata 17, Mare, The fall, Ways to make a book that doesn't fall apart in two days, Dead Cat Blues, Towers Open Fire, Guernica Alfaciña Daisuke Yokota maquettes and puzzle pieces The road to Teikai trilogy. Maquettes aren't always pretty the eclisse series 1 to 9 [...]

ARALIK a collective project

Bookbinding, Factory|

ARALIK : In Turkish means December, but also the space between. From 4-11 December 2015, 8 friends got together in Istanbul to exchange ideas and create a publication within one week. It was a wild idea to begin with, and it turned that exceptional team-work made it possible. Aralık can be read as a whole [...]

After Midnight Bangkok chapter


January 2016. Following a simple yet ambitious idea, AM Projects sailed for a collective shooting of one month on the same ground, with publisher Alex Bocchetto tagging along with them. Tiane Doan na Champassak, Olivier Pin-Fat, Thomas Vandenberghe, Laura Rodari, Daisuke Yokota, Hiroshi Takizawa. HQ was set in the crowded and infernal chaos of Chinatown, [...]