Book binding DIY – Making of Floating by Thomas Boivin


How to make a single signature 5 holes hand sewn binding with fold outs and string button. Floating Recipe Printed Pages, Bone Folder, Stanley Knife, Metal Ruler, Scrap Paper, Needle and Thread, Some Patience, Time. optional: stack paper guillotine   1. Start by collating the pages in the right order 2. Divide in two stacks [...]

The killer, the art critic, the book and his reader


a conversation with Marco F.G. Paltrinieri and Mirko Smerdel about The Looking Game A serial killer and amateur photographer currently imprisoned in the Death Row: Rodney Alcala. An alias he adopted while on the run from the police: John Berger, as the famous British art critic. An archive of pictures shot by Alcala resurfacing from a [...]

Anonymous appropriation handbook #1


Adopt, recycle, détour. "Nobody in particular" on being anonymous and reframing.   Nobody in particular’s The Stars open with two hypnotic hands of a trickster, or maybe a Tv presenter or a politician. An oceanic crowd of people gathers: hundreds are giving a Roman salute, except one man, arm crossed, an expression of challenge in [...]

South bye Southwest


South bye South-West a conversation with Salvatore Santoro about his self-published "Saluti da Pinetamare"   PINETAMARE, South Italy, during the '60s big sums of money were invested to transform the area on the Caserta coastal line into an Utopian holiday resort: luxury hotels, boardwalks, beach resorts and bars where spawning everywhere. It was bound to [...]

The Japanese Photobook


Performance and the japanese photobook interview with Ivan Vartanian:   A reading room full of Japanese photobooks. No hierarchy, no display cabinet, just a room with benches, tables and BOOKS which are there to be TOUCHED a sign on the wall informs. This summer, the Photographers’ Gallery became to me an habitual place of pilgrimage, a [...]

We stand on this asfalt


interview with Atsushi Fujiwara, founder of Asphalt magazine "We stand on this asphalt and this is where we capture the world" THE first time I saw Asphalt magazine was in a photobook reading room, not quite the average place you’d expect to find a magazine. In fact, Asphalt can be described as something in between [...]

Of Taboos, Love, Death and Redemption


GET HIGH AND HURT IN THE PROCESS a conversation with Frank Rodick   THE following conversation is taken from several e-mail exchanges I had with Frank Rodick while working on his "Of Liquid Cities and Celestial Abattoirs". Sequencing his booklet was like solving a puzzle. We had to learn a whole new visual language. "Of [...]

Balkan Punk


Balkan punk a conversation with Jože Suhadolnik ACCORDING to his slim bio Joze was born "in the midst of the revolutionary 1960s in Ljubljana, Slovenia (Yugoslavia at the time).” Child prodigy with a camera, he started documenting the punk scene in Ljubljana at the age of 13. By 16 he was working as a photojournalist [...]

We were all dressed in green


One year in the Red Army Alexander Aksakov's preface to his photo-book "365"   A cold winter was on its way. We were given a uniform, a pair of boots, a box of dry rations and a chance to pay our “debts” to the motherland. No one was really sure if we had any, but [...]