How to make a single signature 5 holes hand sewn binding with fold outs and string button.

Floating Recipe

Printed Pages,
Bone Folder,
Stanley Knife,
Metal Ruler,
Scrap Paper,
Needle and Thread,
Some Patience,

optional: stack paper guillotine

Floating Thomas Boivin Akina


1. Start by collating the pages in the right order

2. Divide in two stacks pages to be folded and pages to be cut.

Floating Thomas Boivin Akina bookbinding floating

3. FOLD stack: carefully use the bone folder to crease the fold-ins

Floating Thomas Boivin Akina bookbinding floating

4. CUT stack: trim the paper in eccess. Use the folded pages as a guide for correct size.

Floating Thomas Boivin Akina bookbinding floating


5. Re-collate the two stacks in the correct order. Put on a side.

Floating Thomas Boivin Akina bookbinding floating

6. Take the cover, fold along the spine, use a bookbinding awl to open five holes across the gutter. Do the same with the text pages.


FLOATING Eclisse #9 Thomas Boivin Akina Books

7. Use needle and thread to saw together cover and pages as a single signature, let at least 8 cm of thread to come out from the spine.

Tie a knot in the thread at the end.


8. Use a stack paper guillotine to trim the upper and bottom part of the booklet.


9. Not too quick: some pieces of scrap paper must be added to have a clear cut and to protect the foredge.


10. Fold along the white border to create some “folder” space.


11. Saw a small square of thick paper on the back of the booklet.


12. Use the thread in excess coming from the spine to close it.

13. Voila’!

Floating Thomas Boivin Akina

You can see the result here:  Floating by Thomas Boivin