From archive with love. Three years of Akina hits and misses in pictures

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Unreleased titles: Sonata 17, Mare, The fall, Ways to make a book that doesn't fall apart in two days, Dead Cat Blues, Towers Open Fire, Guernica Alfaciña Daisuke Yokota maquettes and puzzle pieces The road to Teikai trilogy. Maquettes aren't always pretty the eclisse series 1 to 9 [...]

ARALIK a collective project

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ARALIK : In Turkish means December, but also the space between. From 4-11 December 2015, 8 friends got together in Istanbul to exchange ideas and create a publication within one week. It was a wild idea to begin with, and it turned that exceptional team-work made it possible. Aralık can be read as a whole [...]

Book Binding DIY: making of Hungry Still

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Special projects require special attention. Hungry Still is one of them, a daring retrospective of Slideluck London’s best slideshows in book form which mingle photography and recipes, a collection of both established and up and coming photographers presenting one of their series each and matching it with a special recipe related to the sequence. A [...]

Book Binding DIY: making of Midwest Dirt

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Stillness is the first key word...and then Home, Away, The End of Youth, Adventure and Quiet, Wild Freedom Wide Open Spaces, Harvest: all of this, and more, is Midwest Dirt. Photographer Nathan Pearce and Editor Matt Johnston (Photobook Club creator) have been working over a year in editing the book. When they contacted us, they [...]

Bookbinding DIY – Making of Fear of Disappearence by Mariya Ustymenko

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  Akina Factory took on the Fear of Disappearance project from the very early stages of the process, while the artist Mariya Ustymenko was still shooting in the streets of London. The close relationship with the photographer helped shaping the work and its final form(s): an artist edition, an affordable zine edition and a sculptural [...]

Stray books


Straybooks was a free 2 days mini festival which happened in July 2013 with a focus on photo zines and independent photobooks, rooted in DIY practice. Launched by AkinaBooks, it was the first festival in London focusing exclusively on Independent photobooks and self-publishing.      In the tradition of DIY festivals, Straybooks is not only a place [...]