Upcoming workshops:

Kathmandu (Nepal) 27 February – 4 March 2017

VOID Greece – Fall 2017 TBC

Buenos Aires (Argentina) – November 2017 TBC


Akina actively engages in a teaching program to promote the diffusion of photobook knowledge and know-how; we are passionate about spreading the photobook love around.

The workshops and lectures are addressed to photographers, teachers and photobook enthusiasts alike, each particular workshop being tailored for its audience and can focus on editing, sequencing, design and bookbinding.

We cover all of the steps of the process which leads from idea to finished object, for us every step is organic with each other and every choice influence the output.

We organise workshops all around the world when possibility arise and we also offer an advanced full-immersion bi-monthly exclusive workshop for 3 selected photographers in the Italian countryside.






Past workshops:

Torino (Italy), JEST, 14 January-21 February, Corso di editoria fotografica.  

Istanbul (Turkey), FUAM, University of Fine Arts,  23-29 January 2017. The photobook process, from idea to maquette to marketing  

ISSP – Latvia (LV)

The photographers gallery – London (UK)

Book case studies – Den Haag (NE)

Le Fotobook fest – Paris (FR)

IC Visual Lab – Bristol (UK)

Radical Matter (Gomma mag) – London (UK)

Planar – Bari (IT)

NOPX – Torino (IT)