From idea to book project. From maquette to photobook. And everything in-between


Akina Books was established during the hot 2012 summer and is run by Alex Bocchetto and Valentina Abenavoli.
We’ve chosen from the beginning to take direct control of every aspect of the creative and technical process of bookmaking.
For Akina Factory everything is part of a unified workflow, happening under the same roof: book project, photo retouch, design, editing, sequencing, layout and also printing, binding and finishing.
The small character of the company allows every work to be made inhouse from start to finish by the same team, insuring the project outlined by the pre-production process is effectively applied through the manufacturing stage.

Akinabooks’ publications are done this way: ideas, ink and blank paper come in, books come out.

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What we offer

Akina Factory is a photobook production oriented laboratory: a space to conceive projects, manufacture books, share know-how and ideas.
Figuring out how to create and self-publish a photobook from scratch is skill intensive and time consuming: we can help you through thecreative and technical sides of the process.

  • Book project
  • Editing
  • Sequencing
  • Layout
  • Design
  • Binding
  • Printing

All of the above steps’ boundaries blur with each other: we believe in working on the photobook as a whole, every change to one of its elements might spread to the rest of the ladder, but it also mean unexpected ideas can pop-up during the process.

Akina Factory can print from the single dummy up to a short-run of 250 copies but it’s not a print-on-demand  venture: we want to share our knowledge and guide you through the hundreds options at disposal to find the one which most fits the idea and the effect to be achieved for your photobook.
Paper stocks, materials, binding choice, finishing options, typography… all of the book’s elements can be meaningful.

All of Akinabooks’ publications are conceived, printed and bound at Akina Factory, North London. If a certain finishing options or a huge print-run can’t be done inhouse, we probably know who can.

Check Hungry Still, Midwest Dirt, Fear of disappearance;  some of the projects we designed, edited, printed and bound here at the Factory.

Feel free to contact us for a quote on akina [at]

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The photobook and us

A photobook is not a gallery exhibition nor its catalogue.

What works well on a wall won’t automatically look good between covers:

It’s about disclosing more than showing.

It is an object to crease, love and collect. it should be pleasant.

It requires space to be stored and carried, time to be read.

It also has its own time and space.

Size, binding, paper thickness are affordances, they suggest ways to handle, hold and read.

The content is presented through the layout of a sequence, regulating meaning but also rhythm and flow.

Every photobook is a universe with its own rules and internal coherence.

There’s no right or wrong, there are most and least effective ways for a content to be disclosed