January 2016.
Following a simple yet ambitious idea, AM Projects sailed for a collective shooting of one month on the same ground, with publisher Alex Bocchetto tagging along with them.

AM projects bangkok akina

Tiane Doan na Champassak, Olivier Pin-Fat, Thomas Vandenberghe, Laura Rodari, Daisuke Yokota, Hiroshi Takizawa.
HQ was set in the crowded and infernal chaos of Chinatown, downtown Bangkok, but soon the collective dispersed through Siam square, Silom, Sukhumvit, the Riverside, each photographer set on his own personal quest and following their own individual vision.

The claustrophobia of never-ending bridges where concrete is always within touch,

the noise symphonic in cacophony, the spectrum between male and female which blurs distinctions and renders them irrelevant, the transition between life and death, the search of intimacy in a place where everything can be found for sale, from humans to a cheap luxury which envelops the ones, like the fetid humidity, searching for a moment of power or oblivion to forget their loneliness, their search for the very fabric of reality.

It started with no clear plan: just ideas and suggestions which led the crew in unexpected directions,  and cul-de-sacs, everybody engrossed on their own quests through ice factories, under concrete bridges, the city’s outskirts, go-go bars, the underground, the over-belly, expat hang-outs, abandoned luxury complexes, hotel rooms, lobbies and halls, crowded night markets, run-down brothels, the sweat, always the sweat, and the empty back-streets at dawn.

Darkroom prints, posters and projections were made on the spot, all materials and replacement cameras sourced from local markets.

At the end of the experiment, the AM Projects collective rejoiced for a one-night only exhibition at NACC, for a rough take of what will become the next monster AMprojects book, soon to be published by Akinabooks. NACC space became the HQ where AM members met during this month, worked, filled their bar tabs and started editing their project while still shooting.


No release date for the book is currently available, meanwhile AKINA is releasing a limited set of posters selected from the work each AM member shot in Bangkok.


“As the carcass trans mutates into high rise glass, metal and shine-gleam, it also implodes into apocalyptic atomic hot rubble, discarded, abandoned crash sites under express ways, under bone shard hard shadow, littering and choking space as the body form also changes from one gender into another, hotel room walls like peeling skin and rot trapped in mirror shard…’my name is Fiona’…’my name is Celina’…. silicone breasts, penis like lipstick and high cheekbones. The disheveled and discarded, the scarred, lurk on the circumference of a roundabout that goes around and around and around.
A mattress with pencil thin blue lines doesn’t quite float, nor does it quite sink in an abandoned hotel swimming pool. It is just there, suspended. Caught between surface, meniscus, depth and dark.”

 Olivier Pin-Fat