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Cyril Costilhes

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“A feeling of toxic stagnation reigns. Nothing has changed.
I’m a walking piece of fresh meat. Crushed by the heat. Sweating…
Same dirty bars, cheap high heels and make-up, same feeling of discomfort.
Same conquerors spreading dust. There is no good deal to be found here. How to give sense.

It’s insane. // Ok i’m here now. // There will be signs to follow. // Traps to avoid. //  You’ll be surprised.

First night in Diego, having a drink at La Vahinée bar, a beautiful girl sit at my table, looked me straight in the eyes and says: « J’aime la bite ». ”

Diego Suarez, 16th of December 2013

Grand Circle Diego is also be available in Collectors’ Edition Book + Print (edition of 40, signed and numbered) 150£.


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Product Description

Hardcover quarterbound leatherette
144 pages, 81 color plates
16 x 23 cm
Offset UV printing on Munken Polar Rough



“Grand Circle Diego is a dark exploration of the photographer’s ghosts, and it powerfully captures Costilhes’ quest to reconnect with his father. Through its lavish printing, elemental design, and careful editing, the book creates the ambiance of very personal catharsis, leaving most of its mysteries unrevealed.”

Olga Yatskevich on Collectors’ daily

“Cyril confronted the demons, the grudges and probably the rage that town brought into his life. Nothing remains of the idyllic allure of Diego Suarez in his suffocating photographs – the images are extremely dark, baffling and often times even repulsive. Despite Cyril’s initial intention was to make a project of documentary nature, the work soon changed into a deeply subjective, visceral experience, a descent into the photographer’s innermost feelings, a coming to terms with a ten year-long trauma.”

Fotografia magazine

“Buried beneath its wild undergrowth and savage natural beauty, the Madagascan town of Diego Suarez hides many secrets. In 2003, whilst riding his motorbike home from Le Grand Circle Diego casino one evening, Cyril Costilhes’ father was involved in an accident that left him crippled with front lobe dementia. As a result, just over 10 years later, Costilhes has returned to shoot the mysteries of the land that snared his father’s sanity. The French photographer recorded his findings in his new book the Grand Circle Diego – and the results are dark, twisted and startling.”

Dominique Sisley on DAZED

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Best Photobook 2014 in the list of Tom Claxton for Claxton/Projects
Best Photobook 2014 in the list of Le Paris Photobook Club
Best Photobook 2014 in the list of Martin Amis for Photobookstore
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1977- Born in Saint-Raphael, France.
1994 to 2003- Stop study, army time then lived and traveled around Europe, Australia, Japan.
2005- Founded publishing company “Hors Editions” out of passion and release two books by Body Hacktivist Lukas Zpira.
2006- Bought a camera.
2007- Starts photographing my friend AJ, a Female-To-Male transsexual from London.
2009- Workshop with Antoine D’Agata.
2010- Start project around a Pond.
2014-Release the book Grand Circle Diego by Akina books.