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Harit Srikhao


Spiral-bound with transparent coil
Die cut cover
128 pages
16.5 x 24 cm
printed on Garda Chiara, Fedrigoni Xper and Cyclus Offset

Available also in Collectors’ Edition 

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Product Description

Inspired by bizarre and discordant memories of the 2010 violent riot in Thailand, Harit Srikhao’s Whitewash explores the mechanism behind the mental surgery of citizens through propaganda in a post-truth society,
employing an original visual vocabulary borrowed from both fetish fantasies, Hindu religious tropes and classic Thai imagery.
Showing the backstage of the fabrication of truth, Whitewash questions the use of photography and images as tools employed for social domination as well as the notion itself of reality.
Whitewash is the first book of Harit Srikhao, which features both the original series Whitewash and Mt Meru.

“Heaven and hell as an important political weapon to debase the value of the people and convince them to agree with the unfairness in society. This way of thinking is aggressively taught in schools. This leads to a mindset with which the government cages the people of a nation. Propaganda provides the way we see ourselves, the way we see others and the way we see the world. To sum up, if the government can domineer the thoughts of the people in the country, that means it can also control the way citizens will react to a person who thinks differently than them or that it can even control their behavior in daily life.”

Harit Srikhao

Musée de l’Elysée

British Journal of Photography

interview on Fototazo

Harit Srikhao’s work was recently shown in print on:

FOAM Propaganda (Whitewash series)

FOAM Talent issue 2017 (Mt Sumeru)

Part of his series’ Mt. Meru is currently exhibited at Foam Gallery in Amsterdam.


Harit Srikhao was born in 1995 in Thailand. When Srikhao was sixteen, he attended the Angkor Photo Workshop by Magnum Photographer, Antoine d’Agata. His works are mostly a fantasy fiction dealing with personal interest and situation in his country. His works have been exhibited internationally
e.g., Getxophoto in Spain, reGeneration3 at the Musée del’Élysée in Switzerland, England, Mexico and China.
He received numerous awards, including Winner of Juror’s prize at Filter Photo Festival in US, Second Prize Winner of Gomma Grant 2016. In 2017, His latest solo show in Bangkok has been censored by military. Most recent, Srikhao is selected as Foam Talents to exhibit at Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam.

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