Alfonso Almendros

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238.000 miles of space between the Earth and the Moon: an inestimable distance that maps can only suggest.

Moon Trail is the personal quest of Alfonso Almendros,
which call the reader to retrace his steps like an investigator on a cold case. Studies of lunar features,
uncertain maps of imagined lofty mountains and hollow valleys, dictionary entries and the frosty Finnish landscapes.
what the author is really looking for?

The journey proposed is autobiographical
but its interpretation is related with the subjectivity of the observer.

It is an image of something visible but out of reach, a map that symbolize a desire to find things,
a complex interaction between a remote part of the memory and a geography of the mind.

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Product Description

52 pages
15 colors plates, lunar maps and NASA documents
Paper: Arcoprint edizioni 1.7
Cover: Marina Sabbia 240gsm
20 x 24  cm
Hand-made 8 holes Swiss Binding


Alfonso’s exhibition of “My father’s wrinkles” in Mexico at Centro Cultural de España en México