Alex Bocchetto - Valentina Abenavoli

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A marathon without rules, an action-packed race of unscrupulous competitors and dirty tricks and bad jokes. And masked gunmen too.
All pictures taken during London 2012 summer Olympics.

YOU WIN ! is the result of the 2 weeks of madness project, a reportage in search of the Olympic spirit.
“it comes in a bottle”, a volunteer said. We trust him.

From a reportage turned wild, no tickets, no VIP pass, no digital camera, no contacts, not a clue. And now, not a serious book.

Any similarity with people, events or reality itself is purely coincidental

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Product Description

90 pages
duotone BW – shoking pink
210 x 148 mm
perfect binding with flaps
edition of 100


You Win!, Alex Bocchetto and Valentina Abenavoli’s second book was such a commercial failure that no reviews are available. The whole daily blog kept during the Olympicsis now lost. The authors have various theories about why the book was received so poorly:

  • It was published right after the Olympics when people were fed up with judo, badminton and pints of lager from 10 Am
  • It was published around the 15 of august
  • It’s the only 2012 book with a Comic Sansy title
  • Lots of bad jokes but not enough cute kittens

Eventually the copies sold out. Having most of the copies ruined by a fire helped.
As a result, You Win! is rare as blue strawberries and just as tasty.