Straybooks was a free 2 days mini festival which happened in July 2013 with a focus on photo zines and independent photobooks, rooted in DIY practice.

Launched by AkinaBooks, it was the first festival in London focusing exclusively on Independent photobooks and self-publishing. 




In the tradition of DIY festivals, Straybooks is not only a place to buy books but most importantly an inclusive free zone where to meet like-minded people, share ideas and know-how, broaden the horizon of the photobook as we know it. Straybooks will also host the last stop of the European tour of ZINES OF THE ZONE, a nomadic library of more than 700 self published books and zines collected during 50 events in as many cities, with the aim of creating a public collection in a traveling book exhibition.


Zines of the Zone Straybooks


It happened at the Red Gallery in Old Street, here is the calendar of the events:

There’s a panel of events you can attend, all free of charge!

FRIDAY 13th of June:
Zines Of The Zone final stop of the Tour: exhibition + talk

Bookjockey: “Streamers, leaders #1” Mfg Paltrinieri from Discipula Edition + Sam Brown from Library of Unwritten Books project at 7pm
Speakers’ corner available for everyone
Stray Book market from 3pm to 9pm

SATURDAY 14th of June:
Zines Of The Zone final stop of the Tour: exhibition

Talk: PhotobookshowWilliam Sadowski + Jason Larkin “DIY and quality control” at 2pm
Photobook Club International Meeting with Emilie Hallard and Matt Johnston at 4pm
Talk: Tipi BookshopAndrea Copetti “How to throw soap bubbles against pedestrians” at 6pm

Book making workplace with Zabar from 3 to 9pm
Free dummy review with Riot Book publisher’s Veronica Fieiras
Stray Book market from 12am to 9pm

The line-up of publishers and self publishers for the book market:
ADAD Books, Akina Books, Discipula Editions, HERE,Morel Books, Mtopress, Oodee, PJP Editions, RIOT BOOKS, Stay Alone, The Velvet Cell, Trolley Books, Witty kiwi
And more self publishers
David O’Mara, Nico Baumgarten, Fábio Cunha, Andrew Youngson, Meanwhile Press, Miren Pastor,AYU publishing, Lewis Bush, Boracic Press, Bernadette Keating, Alessia Bernardini, 9213 – University of Brighton, Theo Simpson….

and much more….






“Wow it was good. There were publishers and self publishers from all over Europe and also an hawker’s tray, the Zine of the Zone travelling exhibition, free dummy reviews and book jockey’s sessions ,wandering skaters sleeping on the floor, the international meeting of Photobook Club, sun, rain and everything in-between, champagne, cheap beers and everything in-between, a basketball match, photobooks’ talks until 4 AM,  binding workshops and a great atmosphere during the whole festival.

It hass been a huge bet, the first Photobook-only festival and market in London with an international panel , it was great to show to a mixed audience (yes not only PB geeks) the vitality of the photobook scene during a free manifestation and meet all the friends involved in sharing their photobook love all over Europe. Even if it’s a bit late, thanks to everybody for coming, sharing and in general supporting Stray Books, here’s for you a small galleries of some of the good moments we had.

Thanks also to all the artists who sent us their books to be part of the event and then of the Zines of the Zone nomad exhibition,to the photographers who documented the event (send us a mail to have the credits, we took the images from the ones that were sent us via FB and it’s all messed up), to Red Gallery in Shoreditch which hosted the event.


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